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About Mairi

A West Coast passionate butterfly enjoying the East Coast and wherever the wind blows.
I explore everything there is that peaks my interest----furthering my growth and ambitions.
Travel and packing is fast & easy for me! Passport ready. 
Outside of this dating life style, I am pursuing my career in the medical field - scrubs included! 
CURRENTLY back in school for something new. Very exciting! Hotter than scrubs xo 
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Things To Know


"My spirit is scenic - I encourage you to take the longer road in getting to know me"
- Alex Elle

When I came to the East Coast, I literally didn't know a soul in the big city.  I came to pursue my studies in nursing, but also to experiece the wonderful diversity that New York has to offer.  I'm blessed and thankful to have made a life here, but I also still love to travel the country and the world, meeting extraordinary people, savoring cultures and soaking it all in. While in NYC, I also dabbled in modeling and enjoyed it tremendously.  I stand 5'8 with a slender, athletic and toned body, and posing came easily to me on set. Being involved in the health community is my ultimate passion, so if you ask me to model my scrubs for you, I'm all in! ;)





"I prefer Intellect and Charm"
- Angie Everheart
To me. there is nothing sexier than an intellectual, thoughtful, humorous and kind person.  This is what brings out the best in me - let's talk about whatever it is that fuels your world - what's your passion in life? I want to hear about it.  I'm comfortable with any subject, from healthcare to finance to international travel destinations and foreign cuisine.






"Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality." 
My commitment is to being the best possible version of myself, every single day.  I pride myself in being a loving, caring person who respects all things in life. I invest in my education, my body and my soul. I seek out new adventures and I'm not afraid to explore the world and meet new people.  Will that be you? I can't wait to meet you and hear all about your experiences, joys and passions!
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